Thursday, May 29, 2014

What is ‘Business Casual’ For a Dog?

Instead of shopping for my own new business clothes, I find myself on browsing bulldog bowties for my fur baby.  I just landed a new job as a Senior Writer at an advertising agency in downtown San Diego, and my dog needs a new outfit because he gets to come to work with me once in awhile. Bleu needs to look sharp. Crisp. Savvy. Creative. Sophisticated. Your dog is a reflection of you. I’ve never worked in a dog-friendly work environment, and I am excited to see how the mood of the office may change with my furry friend around, and if other people bring their pup to work too.

I am in preliminary discussions with my dog about the new gig. I have already let him know sternly that he finally needs to start pulling his weight around this Little Italy condo. No more coasting. No more sleeping in and sleeping allllll daaay looong. It’s time he starts doing something more productive with his life, like inspire me to write better ad campaigns for big pharmaceutical companies. He’s been free-loading off me now for three years. Free food. Free home and board. I’ve spoiled him rotten with treats, toys, daycare, home cooked meals, and he’s done nothing but drain my bank account. Well that, and put a smile on my face every damn day I get home.

The human resources lady at my new job has warned me of a few rules at the agency. She said that my dog has to be “well-behaved” (that’s a pretty open-ended adjective I must say). It starts to make me wonder if any Frenchies are well-behaved? Or if this breed is universally pompous, arrogant, and stubborn like little Bleucifer? His excuse is that he’s French so he’s allowed to be. If anyone feels “threatened” by him,  the HR lady continues, I have to bring him home. The only person who may feel threatened by Bleu in the office are vegetarians. Watch out for your vegetables healthy coworkers at lunchtime. Bleu is a sucker for leafy greens and also blueberries. She also said if he has any “accidents at the office, he will not be welcome back.” I look sternly at Bleu and his weak little bladder. Hmmm….he pees more frequently than a 5-year-old girl. We will have to make sure to take ample potty breaks to relieve his urine outside on the grass rather than inside on the agency's honey-hardwood floors.

I'm curious if any other pet parents out there can bring your dog to work. What's it like?

Let’s get to work!


  1. Congratulations on the new job and I'm glad to hear that you're putting "Bleucifer" to work!

    Have fun.