Thursday, March 6, 2014

What Does Your Refrigerator Say About You and Your Dog?

This may seem like a silly question pet parents, but scanning the contents of your refrigerator can reveal a lot about the relationship you have with your dog, and how it relates to the types of foods and supplements both of you consume on a daily basis.

You know you love your dog when your refrigerator has more in it for your pup to eat than for you to consume. Just take a peak inside my refrigerator and see for yourself:

  • Thuja oil prescribed by my French bulldog Bleu’s integrated vet, Dr. Diana Drumm at the Animal Healing Center, in case of a mouth sore breakout.

  • Next to my cheap, gummy One-a-Day CVS-bought vitamins, Bleu’s Howlistic’s
Animal Essentials Multi-Vitamin because he eats home cooked meals now, and I need to make sure he is getting a well-balanced diet.

  • Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes and Probiotics to digest his home-cooked meals properly. What do I use when my stomach rumbles? Low-level TUMS.

  • Triple Antibiotic ointment prescribed by Dr. Olson at VCA Hillcrest for my pre-pubescent canine’s acne breakouts. Yes, dogs can get pimples too apparently.

  • Quarter teaspoon measuring cup to precisely measure out my bulldog’s powdered vitamins and minerals.

  • Leftovers: not from last night’s fancy dinner out downtown, but party favors from the San Diego County French Bulldog Meetup Group’s last event that I organized. These events are taking over my weekends and I barely have time to date.

  • Blue Glass Mason Jar filled with Bleu’s food for the day: ground bison, sweet potato, spinach, and zucchini.

  • Cut up cucumber: fresh snacks for Bleu, and also to top off my salad lunches

  • One Pound of Baby Spinach: for Bleu’s home-cooking and fresh snacks, and also used as my reluctant vegan lunch salad. It’s next to impossible to be a vegan in cheese-laden Little Italy.

  • Little Italy Mercato Farmer’s market strawberries: fresh snacks for Bleu and for me. We both can’t resist these sweet treats.    
Analysis: Bleu has taken over my refrigerator shelves and my life. But we have both assumed a very healthy, whole foods diet. Now that I have revealed my secret shelves, what does your fridge say about you and your pup?