Saturday, January 25, 2014

15 Signs You Love Your Dog More Than Yourself

The human-dog bond is clearly one of the strongest and most precious. We love our dogs so much in fact, that we sometimes sacrifice our own needs and desires to please our pampered pets. It’s this type of selfless love that is the truest kind of love and makes our bond with our dogs so unbreakable. Take a look at these silly signs to see if you really love your dog dearly:
1. You’ve stopped going to happy hours all together with coworkers and have reverted exclusively to yappy hours with other pet parents.
2. You take your dog to the doctor more than you take yourself.
3. On Black Friday, you spend all your time chasing down toy and treat sales at Petco rather than at Target and Best Buy purchasing human Christmas presents.
4. You turn down Friday dinner dates with friends, family, and significant others to spend quality time with your dog cuddling and canoodling on the couch.
5. During vacations, you put your dog up at 5-star doggy resorts and demote yourself to a 3-star hotel because you can’t afford both, and feel guilty for leaving your furry friend behind.
6. Your dog eats better than you. You crockpot for your dog, sautéing ground bison meat, organic sweet potatoes, and fresh spinach leaves, while you live on Chinese takeout.
7. You sacrifice a good night’s sleep for snores, farts, saliva, grunts, paw kicking, and panting, and you think it’s “cute” rather than revolting or annoying.
8. You break up with people because they aren’t dog people, and you only date men or women who have a dog, or absolutely love yours.
9. When your dog misbehaves, like poops in the middle of the living room, or eats one of your shoes, you blame yourself for not paying enough attention to him rather than blaming the real canine culprit.
10. You restrict yourself to dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, and bars, because if your dog can’t come out with you, it’s just not the same.
11. You purchase DirectTV, not for you or your guests’ entertainment, but for your dog’s viewing pleasure, because it’s the only cable carrier that showcases DogTV, a TV channel dedicated to dogs, and scientifically developed to provide company for stay-at-home mutts.
12. Your dog has more clothing and accessories than you, and in turn, more closet space and drawers for all his/her belongings.
13. Your farmer’s market excursions are to pick up fresh produce for your dog, not yourself.
14. Your dog has a personal assistant, but you don’t.

15. No matter how tired, cold, sick, busy, or stressed out you are, you always find the time and energy to walk, hug, and kiss your puppy.

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